Staff Assisted Home Dialysis


Staff Assisted Home Hemodialysis

Staff-Assisted Home Hemodialysis is defined as dialysis treatments that are rendered by a licensed professional, (Registered Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse) under the supervision of a Nephrologist, in the patient’s home. An experienced licensed dialysis nurse will come to your home to provide this service; therefore, absolutely NO TRAINING is required. Treatment is administered three times a week sometimes more for duration of three to four hours. This unique option is family-oriented and supports lifestyle initiatives if chosen.

What are the benefits of Staff Assisted Home Dialysis?

  • More freedom and control of your treatment times
  • No more driving or commuting to Dialysis Centers
  • One on one care by a licensed nurse
  • Enjoy personalized treatment in the comfort and privacy of your own home
  • Maintain a more normal schedule with increased quality time with family and friends.

 Key points about the program

  • Your doctor provides oversight for your staff assisted home hemodialysis care.
  • The dialysis equipment is a single-use system and remains in your home.
  • Medications such as Heparin, Aranesp, IV iron, antibiotics, etc., will be administered by the dialysis nurse as ordered by your doctor during your home treatments.
  • Monthly visit to nephrologist.
  • Monthly and mid-month blood samples will be collected by our nurse during treatments and sent to the laboratory, so no need to leave the house.
  • Dialysis supplies are delivered monthly by courteous staff by appointment.
  • Water sampling, other environmental culturing, maintenance, and servicing of the hemodialysis equipment are maintained in your home by our qualified Bio Medical Technicians.
  • Electricity and water use are minimal.
  • Pickup services for biohazard waste are scheduled and disposed of per regulatory guidelines by our staff.
  • The social worker and renal dietitian will make monthly appointments to visit you to ensure that your needs are being met.
  • Patient care conferences will be held monthly with you and your health care team.

Please call for more info 713-401-9423

**Must have Primary or Secondary commercial insurance**